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Use MoneyTree's Sandbox to deliver financial literacy lessons in a fun & engaging way inside your classrooms

What can you do with Sandbox?

Let Your School Thrive With Gamified Financial Literacy, Elevated School Engagement and Academic Excellence.


Elevate your school’s curriculum with MoneyTree's SANDBOX, a dynamic platform that offers a new gamified approach to financial literacy sessions, interactive content delivery, and exciting classroom experiences. Sandbox transforms financial literacy lessons in a classroom into an adventure where children are eager to participate

Features of Sandbox

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Structured Financial Literacy Program

Our structured Financial Literacy program in the Sandbox sets your school apart by offering a specialized curriculum that goes beyond traditional subjects and establishes you as an institution committed to delivering high-quality education 

Designed to fit a classroom's timetable, schools can easily deliver lessons on Sandbox to all students aged 7-17 years old. This means a student can attend weekly MoneyTree lessons across all their academic years.

Gamifying Classroms

The inclusion of gamification elements through Sandbox allows your school to differentiate its educational approach, making learning enjoyable and engaging for students.

The Points Feature on Sandbox enables teachers to award points for students' participation & achievements in a classroom. This helps build students' sense of achievement & motivates them to try harder.

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Precise & Personalized Education

Sandbox & its accompanying tools allow schools to track a child's learning progress while personalizing the lessons for each child. This helps a school raise their overall achievements while differentiating its approach from the rest.

Through DUMO, a mobile app linked and offered together with Sandbox, students are able to answer questions to earn rewards. Their answers & performance in these questions allow a teacher or school to track the student's mastering of a subject matter.


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