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Future-ready your kids with us today



Give your kids the superpowers they need to stay ahead in their ever-changing future

Why We Designed Quantum Learning

Unlock the Best Future for your Child By Giving Them 21st Century Superpowers and Nurturing Their Mental Well-being
From mental resilience to financial foresight, our groundbreaking program is the shield your child needs. Gain real-time insights into their emotional and academic journey, ensuring a future free from the pitfalls of an outdated education system. Don't let uncertainty dictate their fate—empower them with Quantum Learning and witness their triumph over the challenges ahead

Features of Quantum Learning

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Equip Your Child with 21st Century Superpowers

In an era defined by uncertainty and rapid change, not giving your child the essential 21st-century skills such as mental health management, financial literacy, and advanced learning would your child ill-prepared for the challenges ahead.

Only 1 in 3 adults globally are financially literate. The lack of literacy leads to poor decisions & life outcomes. We give your kids mastery of financial concepts & habits that will help them save, grow & protect their wealth. We aspire to keep the troubles of money topic away from your child.

Real-Time Insights

Parents want to know that their kids are prepared for the future and the uncertainties that come with it. In QL, parents are given real-time analytics & data of kids' progress in mastering the three areas which will be very essential for their future. Parents no longer need to call up teachers or wait for parent-teacher day to get updates on their kids' progress.

Helping Parents be Involved

We know that parents want to be involved in their kids' learning journey despite their hectic schedule. QL is designed to allow parents be involved easily without disrupting parents' schedule and the kids' learning experience.

Through DUMO app, QL nurtures the habit of celebrating learning and achievements. Kids are awarded DUMO points as they learn their superpowers. Parents are given additional DUMO points to gift their children as a way of encouraging & motivating their children.


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