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Of course, learn it the fun way

Why We Designed DUMO

Unlocking Bright Futures Where Rewards Fuel a Journey of Learning and
Achievement for Your Child

 Transform your child's learning experience with DUMO, where every achievement is
celebrated and every lesson becomes a rewarding adventure. Our platform not only
cultivates a love for knowledge but also instills a sense of accomplishment, making
education an exciting journey for your child.

Features of DUMO

Learning Superpowers the Fun Way

Kids LOVE to learn. In DUMO, we believe that when kids understand why they should learn something, they will be driven to master it. From Financial Literacy to Happiness, a child is made to understand why each superpower should be learnt. Through DUMO, a child will master the following superpowers:

Only 1 in 3 adults globally are financially literate. The lack of literacy leads to poor decisions & life outcomes. We give your kids mastery of financial concepts & habits that will help them save, grow & protect their wealth. We aspire to keep the troubles of money topic away from your child.

Celebrating Achievements

Learning is a life-long journey, a child requires occasional celebrations that serve to recognize their achievements. It helps a child understands the importance of their achievements and encourages them to make learning a life-long habit. In DUMO, we use a combination of recognition and actual rewards to strategically reinforce a child's motivation to learn.

Personalized Learning

For learning to be fun & effective, lessons delivered to kids must be personalized. In DUMO, we use a combination of observation tools & artificial intelligence to identify lessons which will boost a child's future-readiness and their interest in learning. DUMO also uses a personal "bot" within the app that will encourage & assist a child throughout their learning.


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