Our Financial Literacy Programme (FliP)

This is our face-to-face programme where students will go through our unique learn-through-play method of learning. Here, students will be given money (MoneyTree dollars) and will participate in our lessons that simulate real life situations, enabling them to develop experiential learning.

Our FLiP evolves around:

  • Increasing awareness of Financial Literacy amongst the youth and;
  • Getting parents to play an active role in their Child’s financial literacy education

MoneyTree’s Financial Literacy Workshops incorporate fun-filled interactive activities, rewards for the children (when they perform specific tasks) and bite –sized knowledge components on money matters.

For the children, the biggest attraction is that they get a chance to win exciting prizes by just participating in all the activities of each lesson.


Our programmes have been designed to engage and entertain children aged between 6 & 17 years. These programmes are based on a Learn-Through-Play approach that includes Play Money, Fun Activities, Simulations and Quick Quizzes.

Our Programmes are categorized by age groups, as follows:

Start your child on the right track with our Basic Programme. Here, students will learn about money via our interactive story & activity based lessons. It will help them develop understanding, as well as appreciation towards money and build good money habits.

Set your child on the right track with our Junior Programme. Students at this age will need to be exposed to financial literacy as they are more likely to have to deal with money matters (pocket money, make spending choices, etc…) and are more vulnerable to peer pressure.

Here, students will learn key financial and economic concepts, learn to make good financial decisions, acquire good money habitudes and, most importantly, develop peer pressure defence through an array of activities and simulations

Our Apprentice Programme helps teenagers develop a “delayed gratification” mindset – which helps them deal with peer pressure and spending temptations, The knowledge and skills they acquire here will go a long way in helping them avoid financial pitfalls and attain financial success in their lives.

At this level, apart from financial literacy, students will learn about about the risks and rewards related to Investing and Entrepreneurship . Some of the activties will put them in the front seat and offer them a first hand experience in these areas.


Over the years, apart from private and international schools, we’ve also worked with several church based home schools to help inculcate financial awareness for their students.

The following are two examples of home schools that have benefitted from the MoneyTree programs

OUR GOAL is to collaborate with Schools  and make Financial Literacy a “standard” program that all students in the school will learn and benefit from.

Built into our programme are components that provide for  students participation in the different activities within the lessons.

The  activities are designed to help teachers discover the students’ mindset on money & their considerations when making decisions via our proprietary Financial Profiling tool (which we call FAST)