The Magic Of MoneyTree

The Magic of Learning Redefined

MoneyTree’s approach to Financial Literacy is unique as it is comprehensive.

We want kids to be motivated and inspired to seek out the very knowledge that would lead them to financial success.

We spent years incorporating different ideas, thoughts and concepts that would make the learning process engaging and absolutely fun.

Above all, we wanted every single kid that goes through our programmes to be more confident in facing future challenges that the future may bring forth.

We want our kids to be in a stimulating environment and this will become important for them as our classes will act as their Rehearsal for Real Life.

Giving them a hands-on experience – without the risks of losing real money.

That’s not all! Apart from training kids to be financially literate,we also help them acquire a lifetime of practical skills and values. The skill of mastering the art of money, ironically, is not just about the money. It’s a reflection of the character of those who have it. It represents their mindset, a determination to achieve goals, to appreciate and value their own work and that of others.

And we have found a way to do this and have been doing this in different countries over the past few years.

What’s in The Magic?

We have worked with educators as well as a research team to develop a financial profiling tool that allows both you and us to track how much of your child’s behaviour and knowledge has improved.

Together, we would be able to map out a journey for your child that would put them in the driver’s seat on their journey to being Completely Financially Intelligent.

WE are the only ones who have put together a solution.

Here’s a peek at some of the concepts we apply in our programme:

Gamifying life’s experiences

We have carefully structured and crafted a teaching method that bridges the gap between the theory (in knowledge) and application of it in real life.

We decided that whatever that is taught in MoneyTree, a child must immediately see the way it is applied in the real world.

Hence we have created our own Mini Economy in the classroom – almost everything that an adult would face or see in the real world is brought into the classroom – as a Game that provides Rewards as well as Life Long Knowledge.

This interactive and practical approach is well received by children since it makes them unafraid of money. They participate, make decisions, get rewards and, all in all, this game-like tactic motivates them and creates a healthy atmosphere for them to achieve the ultimate level of financial fitness.

Recreating the joy & pain

The key to effective learning lies in our ability to motivate our students. This is precisely how the MoneyTree programmes are structured. We have a system that ensures students stay motivated throughout the course.

More importantly, we endeavoured to bring all the different elements that affect one’s financial decisions – into the classroom.  Students are given  MoneyTree Currency, a job and have to deal with some of the more regular and unpredictable expenses that adults face. To earn more MoneyTree Currency, students would have to actively participate in activities offline and online.

Aside from serving as a useful tool in helping students develop an understanding of the functions of money, the MoneyTree Currency allows students to make “purchases” in the class as well as bid in Auctions.

Here is where students live out the joy of planning and saving for a reward as well as the pain of regret that they never planned.

Our Solutions

The F.A.S.T. (Financial Aptitude & Success Traits) Index

FAST is A Financial Assessment & Profiling Tool (targeting ages 10-21) that comprises a series of short quizzes and online activities. With the FAST Index, MoneyTree hopes to be able to provide parents and teachers with an effective means of measuring the progress of a child’s Financial Intelligence.

The first of its kind in the world, FAST will also deploy a unique financial profiling algorithm. With FAST, MoneyTree would be the only Financial Education provider that is able to offer an online assessment that measures the 3 key components that makes up the Total Financial Intelligence composition a child would need. We can determine areas of weaknesses within a child’s Financial Knowledge and Money Habitudes.

Certification Partners

External Certification

In line with the programmes that we conduct, we also run assessments which are jointly developed and certified by us and our partners , namely  The National Institute of Education Singapore & the University of Delaware’s Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship, whereby all participants of the workshop would undergo a portion of the ceritified programmes.


MONEYTREE programmes are benchmarked against internationally recognised institutions in the field of financial education for children and teens. Students graduating from the MONEYTREE programmes can apply for assessment and certification from these institutions, who are our certification partners.