About Us

Good and Bad money habits taught by mother to daughter

The Crippling Problem We Aim To Fix

Around the world, more and more young adults have accumulated huge debts before the age of 28. The captivating lure of consumerism and the desire to own things that represent status has driven many youths into spending more than they have.

These, along with the serious lack of financial education, eventually leads to a lifetime of financial struggles and in some cases, bankruptcy.

When it comes to your child’s future, prevention is better than cure.

At  MoneyTree,  we have the solution you need to prevent your children from joining that statistic.

What We Do best

MoneyTree is an incredible option to set your kids up for success. We are a company that deeply cares about financial education made fun and meaningful for children and teens.

As the leading financial literacy education provider in the region, we specialise in financial literacy for children and youth.

MoneyTree was built with the vision that financial literacy, like mathematics, science and language, would become one of the core learning modules for mainstream education.

Being a pioneer of financial literacy education for kids, MoneyTree has made financial literacy fun and engaging. The organization is excited that financial literacy education has grown to have much prominence in both developed and developing countries

Vision And Mission

MONEYTREE was established to provide a solution to address the financial literacy gap. Through our MONEYTREE ACADEMIES, we provide programmes and courses that will help your child:

Parent involving children in their debt payoff


Knowledge is a pre-requisite to success. If we want our children to grow up to be financially stable or successful, we must first help them build up their financial knowledge.

In MONEYTREE, our syllabus are designed to help enhance your child’s understanding on a wide range of financial concepts (covering economics, finance and business) as well as day-to-day life related topics. We believe that by exposing your child to these knowledge, it will help generate awareness on the need for them to learn about money and more importantly, help prepare them for a sound financial future!


This is especially important as good money habits and attitudes, developed early in their lives, will often have a lasting positive impact into their adulthood. Along with increasing their financial knowledge, our programmes are also designed to help your child build “the right money mindset” and develop positive money habits.

Some of the noticeable habits you will observe in your child include: Save before spending, Check & compare prices before making purchases, etc….


There is enough evidence to show how negative peer influence often cause people to make poor decisions in life, some of which result in serious financial repercussion. Hence, building our children’s defence against negative peer influence is key towards securing their financial future. This is perhaps the most important aspect that MONEYTREE programmes help tackle.

At MONEYTREE ACADEMIES, our classes provide a platform for your child to interact with like-minded students and compete in a positive environment.

Through these interactions, we are able to progressively build your child’s peer pressure defence as students provide positive influence for each other!

In short, our programmes provide the platform for your child to improve their financial knowledge, sharpen their financial habitudes and build up their defence against negative peer influence, putting them on the right track towards attaining a sound financial future!

Creating Motivated Learners

The key to effective learning lies in our ability to motivate our students. This is precisely how the MoneyTree programmes are structured. We have a system that ensures students stay motivated throughout the course. Here’s how it works… MoneyTree dollars are given to students and are used to represent money in the real world. Apart from serving as a useful tool in helping students develop understanding of the function of money, MoneyTree dollars are used to allow students to make “purchases” in the class through the MoneyTree Auctions. In other words, students are able to use MoneyTree dollars to bid for prizes like movie tickets, toys and even gadgets (like Playstation, Tablets, etc…).

Because of this system, our students are highly motivated in class and respond positively to learning and activities in class. Because of this system, our students are highly motivated in class and respond positively to learning and activities in class.

The Sowers of The Seeds

Management Team


Michael Reyes

Chief Executive Officer
Michael has had a career that spans more than 22 years in the fields of Advertising, Marketing, Education and 3D Animation. He is passionate about innovating the way kids are educated and firmly believes that Financial Intelligence is something every kid should be armed with before adulthood.
He actively pursues the integration of technology in the new curriculum that MoneyTree is embarking on without compromising the “human touch” that is much needed to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
Michael holds a qualification in the fields of Economics and Computer Science.

Brandon Liew

Chief Marketing Officer
One of the co-founding team member, Brandon is in charge of the group’s overall marketing and sales operations. With more than 15 years of experience behind him, he forms the pillar for MoneyTree’s brand strategies, marketing communications and licensees recruitment.
His greatest aspiration is to ensure MoneyTree touches the lives of as many parents and their kids possible and that it helped shape their financial future.
Brandon holds postgraduate qualification in Marketing (CIM) and an MBA (MAEEE) from University of Delaware.

Ryan Soh

Chief Information Officer
Driven by his passion in the space of Internet of things, Ryan has more than 12 years experience in system development and digital marketing.
Ryan currently looks after MoneyTree’s next frontier in the development of online system. With his experience in strategic business development, he is spearheading the development of a series of online channels that would enable MoneyTree to further expand its footprint globally.

Wong Yu Vee

Chief Operations Officer
Yu Vee, or more popularly known as UV, is in charge of the group’s overall Operations, Policies, Processes and Training SOPs. With more than 12 years of experience in the field of Operations and Training, he oversees the setting and execution of the company’s processes and SOPs.
His personal mission is to change the way the next generation learn about Personal Finance and good Money Management habits. He firmly believes that Financial education should start with the young, and should be a key subject that is taught to ALL kids.
UV holds a degree in Microelectronics Engineering and is also a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT – IPMA, UK).

Leong Ji Kin

Finance Manager
Ji Kin is responsible for the financial management of the company. He has been with the company since its inception and has participated in different functions of the organisation, ranging from business development to operations.
He has experience in fundraising, financial modeling and treasury management; and holds a First Class Honours Degree in Accounting & Finance from Lancaster University, UK.

Swati Arya

Head (Content Development)
Swati, as Head of Content Development, is as passionate about learning as she is about educating.
Her vision as a creator of educational curriculum and a catalyst for change is to empower and equip as many children as possible across the world, with the knowledge and life skills that they need to achieve their personal goals, realise their dreams, develop themselves and their communities; and at the same time to redefIne education and make it a fun, exciting and evolving process.
Swati holds an MBA degree with specialisation in Marketing and a Masters of Arts in Economics and Entrepreneurship for Educators (MAEEE) from the University of Delaware.